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Loved the store so much!!!! The people were amazing and so were the products. I have seen reviews saying they were “badgering” but are sales people not suppose to sell lol!!! My girls love it and so does my family. Definitely a family based store as well as for adults and teens! It really is a luxury bath and body store and I also got something for the hubby lol! GREAT FOR BIRTHDAY, HOLIDAYS, and JUST BECAUSE!!

Luv Liv

OMG!! What a delightful place to shop!!!!! Creatively designed and carefully crafted body care products at a very affordable price. And a young entrepreneur at the helm Y'all!! Yummy, calming, riveting fragrances, body sprays, sugar scrubs, popsicles, cupcake soaps, candles and more to make my DIVAS holler. Good Bye Body Shop, Bath and Body Works and HELLO Brookie Girl!!!

Pam Grey

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